My January discovery.

Or not really a discovery. But the check pattern and net thing happened to be a sort of unexpected match for me. As I never actually thought of mixing the two. But have to admit that checks and nets have that common ground thing, or better say intersection point maybe... you know, these lines and vibes... I think this couple is just perfect option to refresh this strange winter.

Speaking of this checked wrap dress... now I know I've already talked about the wrap effect thing and all the cool advantages of it in former times. I mean a couple of years ago. And it was all about an evening style - maxi length, luxurious velvet and so on. While this piece is perfect for every day life. Be it an office, studies or freelance centered. I do like the dress for the fact it's so simple yet the tie up elements do add that twist to overall picture.

When it comes to the total outfit of the day, and as I said above, the checks and nets merge turned to be an unexpected yet super stunning couple here. The rest of the elements joined the combination literally by itself, in a pretty natural way. Still I had that feeling that this feminine yet edgy and dynamic outfit was lacking something. Right, a pop of color to underline that attitude. A little touch of red to those neutrally dark shades...

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova