I mean why not?

That good old dispute over the question whether leggings can be considered as proper pants or no? I mean I clearly do see why some act as antagonists of the idea... but one can't deny the fact this sort of bottom piece is way too comfortable. For example, I adore leggings in everyday life. Besides being uber comfortable, it's also highly practical. I could easily wear it like 24/7. Actually, I can do it now by alternating casual black or workout options with this super gorgeous style.

I love the velvet texture and coffee shaded color of the leggings. And going back to the eternal question 'Leggings as pants: yay or nay?', I would say that styling it well is pretty crucial. If there really is such thing as 'well'... So I wanted to pair it with the off-shoulder top for that edgy, and unusual for me, kind of outfit. Got to say that the two make a highly bombastic merge, I should sure keep that in mind for my future outfits.

Speaking of the total look, I was planning to pair the main duo with the long coat first but it didn't work the way I picture it in my head. So the coat got replaced with this yeti kind of fur that just ups the outfit game. It also continues the renaissance sort of relationship between me and my fur coats. The final touch? The necklace and the hairstyle of course (couldn't make it without IM's hair extensions that I use rarely but aptly). As simple as that.

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova