...in black and white shades.

Can't believe it's already mid-January. I swear it was December 30th just yesterday. Seems quite weird to have such a literally snow less winter. Actually, it feels pretty much like it's an endless November situation. And, you know, November is said to be the most depressive month of them all. Yeah, at this point you get to appreciate snow-y and/or sunny weather even more...  

But the reason I consider this winter-ish month to be of a different kind this year doesn't lie in that snow less situation, but rather in a fact I went for white jeans. Can't remember if I really went for light shaded bottoms throughout winter season ever before... And got to say it doesn't seem to be a wrong sort of idea. So besides experimenting with leggings and trying something new, like wigs, this year will also be about breaking some of the habits.

When it comes to the total look of the day, I have mention I fell for this snakeskin print boots and faux fur coat merge so much after the Boots That Perfect an Outfit story that I wanted to build another outfit starring the two. Though in today's combo I did swap white for black and black for white. And, yes, I'm kind of having a crush on this off-shoulder top... and getting a chance to wear it now is sort of a main advantage of this strange winter season.

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova