The Darkest Side

The Darkest Side


Well, here we go with probably the darkest story on Practical Queen AP ever. The darkest in visual terms of course. So far this transitional period from 2017 to 2018 has been all about different sort of... experiments... and the results happened to be more than pleasurable. And, yes, once again got convinced that changes are an essential part of... emmm... life.

Now how many times you, ladies, been thinking of changing hairstyle or hair color? You sure know this feeling. A huge desire to undertake some hair manipulations. Throughout my quarter of a century life I've changed the style, length and color of my hair like zillion times. The last major change happened back in 2016's second part when I started chopping my hair. Wasn't the best decision, especially since it was taken under that wave of heavy anxiety.

How many times I've been thinking of changing my hair color drastically lately? Billion probably. And in this case I really fell for Kylie Jenner's strategy. Right, the wig strategy. So here we go with the first try - a dramatic yet seductive black option. To be honest, black would actually be the last color I would go for in terms of real hair manipulations, but this piece matches my wardrobe direction so well. Would sure go for more of such experiments soon.