Head to toes, huh.

So for some reason this Tove Lo's song got stuck in my head when I was thinking this whole story through. Can't say if I really can relate lyrics and today's outfit, or story in general. I think it's more about the music, the vibes it brings and the mood it sets. Exactly, the mood. The cool girl mood, right? And that's what I feel when it comes to this outfit.

Speaking of the outfit, here I happen to play around a number of cool things, or trendy - you name it. Like fuzzy jacket, sock boots, leather, camo print... I'm sort of breaking my simplicity habit. Once again. But I like the result as the picture looks complete as for me. I also like the game of textures in this combination, fuzziness and leather (faux one of course) perfectly complement each other.

The overall vibes? Or idea of the outfit? I love how edgy yet feminine it turned to be. I'm still sort of playing around, or experimenting if you want, this direction and I do like the outcome, almost every time... and it, together with curiosity of course, makes me go further into trying that sort of stuff I'm having a crush on but am not sure would work with me and so on. You never know until you try, right?

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova