...no jokes.

Now one of the main lessons I learnt this winter season is this one for sure - never underestimate the power of fishnet tights. One would say what's so special about this simple and pretty habitual piece? And the answer is quite simple... it's all about the effect it brings in... casual yet still daring enough.

Well, the daringness level increases when fishnets are combined with something like a mini skirt. A denim one. I do like how the two work together. And one can easily pair it with anything from classics shirt and heels, or boots, to vintage t-shirt, or sweater, and sneakers. Or think of adding a denim jacket and combat boots... sounds cool, huh?

But still it's winter time o'clock in a place like my little Eastern European city, therefore it's necessary to take into account weather thing and so on and just fit it. That's why my outfit is all about a coat and some modern classics, like white shirt and lace-up boots. Frankly speaking, I simply wanted to play around this denim skirt (from Fuzzy Jacket Love story) as I liked it pretty much. But it seemed to me that the combination was laking something, that's why I decided to go for fishnets. To add some attitude.

Look of the Day:
H&M blouse (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova