Coming to an end.

Can't wait to say bon voyage to this pretty contradictory month. Well, the first spring month wasn't that bad, but still I would personally prefer more seasonal outdoor situation. As these fluctuations between winter and spring on day to day basis got me quite angry at some point. So cheers to real spring-y days and less snow in the upcoming days.

One of the things, in terms of fashion here, I learnt this month is about perfecting my beloved black and white combination. And in this case the perfection is all about these stunning white sunglasses. Perfect for summer? I would say perfect for every situation, and season, if you want to lighten own outfit and mood. I like its interesting shape and, of course, a combination of black and white... 

A color combination that is easily traced through the whole outfit of the day. Here I wanted to do something simple yet warm enough, because of that unstable weather throughout the month. And in my opinion it worked pretty well. Plus, the shades and the boots did bring some freshness and edginess to it. And, yes, can't also wait to rock off shoulder stuff more often...

Look of the Day:
H&M jeans

Photo: T. Egorova