And a bit of transparency...

Well, well, well. Looks like it's officially Spring time o'clock. And despite the fact thermometers might still remain low during the day, the thought that sun is about to shine stronger and melt all the snow, or simply beat this cold, keeps us warm from the inside, right? Speaking of the new season I can't escape mentioning Paul's Boutique SS18 collection. I personally love the diversity of choice they brought to us once again. You can check the collection here

To cut a long story short, I went for Liberty style in black shade. I know, I know... it's not the most Spring-y option. In turn, it's all about pure classics. And as usual with me and Paul's Boutique pieces, I see this bag style having this strong connection with London. If Georgia or Michaela styles reminded me of certain areas, then in my mind Liberty is more about such locations as Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, Harrods, Liberty... simply London's classics without which one can't imagine this town.

Classics for Liberty. That's how I would name this outfit. Frankly speaking, I had to undertake quite a brainstorming session to figure out how I would want the ideal outfit to look like, so it could perfectly match the bag and still doesn't look boring. Classics were the answer. Beige coat, wide-leg pants, transparent to add a bit of seduction and, of course, some fine London-ish jewelry - can't imagine a better combo right now. I know I said it before like million times, but I adore the match between Paul's Boutique and Whistle + Bango. Pure British spirit.

Look of the Day:
Matrinelli pants (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova