...and Liberty beauty, of course.

Now I can't imagine this outfit without sunglasses. It is probably that moment when winter-ish situation merges with already spring-much sun. And, yes, one just can't escape putting sunnies on. Simply because the outdoor situation keeps blinding one's eyes. Well, in my case it does. Maybe I'm just too sensitive to such stuff... anyways, cool sunglasses never hurt nobody, especially on a sunny day. Especially when it matches the overall outfit so good.

Just the way Liberty bag matches this picture. And again it is surrounded by classics. It doesn't come as a surprise, because this Paul's Boutique piece speaks this style direction itself. Overall simplicity, straight lines and a super practical black color... One question that keeps spinning in my head is - Is this bag perfect just for classic-much ensembles? Or it will also work well with more daring combinations? I believe it will be clear in the nearest future...

Speaking of the total look of the day, as I said above it's all about classics. Timeless classics I would say. Due to black and white color combination in first place. Also due to formal blouse and pants merge kind of factor. The brown-shaded coat here is my way to add a bit of color. As usual. And, yes, I couldn't escape but add some jewelry to this outfit. Especially hoop earrings, to add that more feminine touch to the look.

Look of the Day:
Exclusive coat (SIMILAR)
H&M pants (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova