Literally for everyday.

Now, if I am to talk about my perfect spring uniform, then I would say it definitely looks like this. And it's pretty surprisingly and awkward a bit to hear something like this from  person who was taking blazer and pants, simply a suit, kind of thing as a uniform just about 2-3 years ago... How could one go from loving formal stuff to something... this daring? Everything is simple - things change. People change, habits change, thoughts change. Life is about changes we can't always foresee. And, I think, it's the best thing about it.

You never know which turn you might choose. And you never know at what point you might abandon florals for camouflage. I always thought camo is an interesting and charming print. So, about a year ago I decided to go for it. And I loved the result, I still do. That is why I got these coolest pants. I waited for ages for it to arrive and am so happy it did meet my expectations, therefore I can wear it like 24/7. 

Speaking of the outfit itself, I wanted to create something simple, relaxed yet daring. In ofter words, something that would be mine for 100%. And, yes, I do tend to forget to relax and feel super confident at times and that's what such an outfit adds to myself. At the end of the day that's what all sort of clothes are made for - to help us bring around the vibes.

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova