My Light in the Box June Finds

My Light in the Box June Finds

that I'm crushing on.

Monthly Light in the Box finds of mine is finally here. And it's all about 3 stunning looks I created with brand's items...

Look 1.
Looks like I'm into snake skin print this season, right? Yes, I am. And I couldn't escape but get myself this set. I like the vibes it translates - power, strength, daringness, sensuality. Is it perfect for everyday use? I think yes.

Look 2.
Another outfit story, another set. Even though I'm not a ruffles-much kind of person, I still couldn't resist the combo. I fell in love with it because of the color first. Red. My love for this color keeps coming back to me. Secondly, I like the Spanish vibes this set adds to my appearance.

Look 3.
Military green pants. I believe these pants are a perfect match to my current wardrobe. It's something that I like. Something daring and simple at the same time. And I totally love the way pants match with cropped off-shoulder top and strappy sandals. Still very feminine.