Black Swan

July 18, 2018

How poetic...

Is this a sort of reference to a Black Swan  movie starring my favorite Natalie Portman? No. Not at all. Though I have to admit the movie impressed me. Actually, I do like movies that keep me perplexed until the very last second. But speaking of today's story, black swan here is more about general vibes. And the mood... that's primarily brought by this stunning maxi dress.

Don't know how about you, but I totally see swan's grace in this FashionMia dress. So a black maxi dress, what's the best way to style it? I would say one doesn't need much elements here. Especially considering the design of this very piece. Complete it with classy strap sandals and a cute up do. Plus some jewelry. The dress will do the trick itself...

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova

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