And Cali vibes...

So today we are having some truly Californian mood on the blog. Thanks to Ami Clubwear - a Los Angeles based brand that I would call my main summer discovery so far. As for me, Ami Clubwear is all about that super cool Cali style. Simple, fashionable, seductive yet with a powerful statement. I can't wait to show you all 3 outfits I created with this store finds.

Okay, speaking of the first Ami Clubwear find... what do you think of a sequined dress? I mean a sequin dress for a casual summer day? Too cool? Or too gross? I would say it depends on shine and color... and style as well. Like, let's take this very dress. It's pretty simple in terms of style, and color. And sequins here come as an interesting twist.

And I do like twists, you remember right? Especially considering this outfit is about simple, light colors. And, yes, I do think this dress is a good option for summer. It's a perfect season to shine. Some non-boring sunglasses, classic sandals and natural beauty is all one needs to finish the look. 

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova