Babe, it's hot outside...

Well, this summer will be remembered as a pretty sunny and super warm one. Well, it will also be remembered though these 3 Light in the Box finds of mine.

Look 1.
With the arrival of July I thought I needed some yellow color in my seasonal wardrobe. And when yellow comes in a combination with polka dots - it's an ideal match... literally made in heaven. Add a straw bag and cool shades and you are ready for casual stroll by the beach.

Look 2.
Have to say, a mini backpack is a must. Both or summer and further on, throughout the year. I fell for this all glitter everything option. It will sure work good with everything cool and neutral, as well as simple and more bold. 

Look 3.
White top is all about modern day classics. It goes well with literally everything. I adore wearing it with ripped ass jeans and Converse for now. And, yes, an interesting message is a cool addition. I just can't get over this 'honey' thing.