And it's always been...

Well, it's been long time since we last had a proper, deep-enough conversation. And that's been my worry lately. So let's go back to long stories and interesting topics. Shall we start with one of my, for sure, favorite discussion themes - color? Over past couple of years I was more talking about black as my most favorite color. I mean, I still love it and I feel highly comfortable in it. But... my inner self has been awakening from depression and I felt this strong need for more life-full colors. Like yellow, deep green, burgundy and red ones. Especially the red.

Over this end-of-spring and throughout summer period you sure noticed quite quite a portion of red color in my looks. The thing is, deep inside I felt like I really needed some red color in my wardrobe these days. I felt more power, energy, and a mix of fun and aggression. And that's exactly what this color stands for. If we go deeper into color - psychology sort of relationship, then we'll find out red is about stimulating vital and creative energy, it also awakens passion and unexpected actions. Therefore, it would be right to say that moderate doses of red color are good for one's wardrobe and life.

Why am I speaking so much about red color today? Simply because my new bag from Paul's Boutique autumn collection is all about power red. Have to say I love the whole new collection as all pieces are super stunning, but this Kaila beauty stole my heart. And I thought that a red bag will be be cool, bold addition to my autumn wardrobe. And the size is just perfect - not too big yet not too small - just medium. I already see myself strolling through Riga streets wearing a trench coat, or a coat, and holding Kaila in my hand. This upcoming autumn will be a special one, I feel it. Meanwhile, as it's still hot European summer o'clock, I decided to add some cool, lips-much game to my outfit. Remember this dress from 2014 and 2015 stories? One dress through years, interesting gallery right?

Look of the Day:
Alaian Manoukian dress (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova