Long time no see...

Now it's really been quite some time since I last went for pure romantic vibes. I guess it's due to that stage I've been going through... that was about strong female vibes and inner power. And still I see an ideal me wearing more bodycon dresses rather than loose fit ones. And I still feel more comfortable wearing pieces with a statement, like ripped ass jeans or bra-less top, or something more casual, like tracksuit or sweat shorts with simplest t-shirt... True, at heart I'm more of an anti-nice and full of sarcasm and arrogance kind of person.

But romantic... despite the fact romantic vibes suit my appearance, I think I'm not that much romantic myself. Floral print. Floral print's been out of my wardrobe for more than a year now, I guess. It's because I couldn't see myself wearing such a print anymore. So I was avoiding it. Until... until I came across this Ami Clubwear piece. There's actually some hidden charm in it. My inner voice just told me I would look gorgeous in this dress. And it was true. Am I officially back to florals? No, not so fast.

I adore this almost total Ami Clubwear outfit. It looks super nice, especially in a combination with the Stuudio Nahk beauty-bag. There's something tender about it. And yet, one can still sense the statement in it, right? Will I take this dress with me further into autumn season? Oh yes! I think the cold shoulder thing will work during the autumn season as good as it did through summer. Now at this point I should confess I'm actually waiting for autumn like crazy. I can't wait to go back to boots, trench coats and more.

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova