Story about how I surrendered...

So, it's already August 1 o'clock. Unbelievable, right? Days seem to fly like crazy. I swear, it was my birthday just yesterday and today it's already august! Will be honest, on one hand such a pace scares me as at times it feels like I don't manage to keep up with time and I do lose it, but on the other hand, I try to remind myself of how things have changed over past few months and even last year. Right, this contradictory thing has been escorting me like forever.

But let's move on to something more pleasant... like footwear and rose gold shade topic. So far you probably noticed that one of my biggest obsessions are shoes. All sort of shoes - from flats to heels. And my latest addition to the collection are these sandals in rose gold color. I know, I know... it's been trending for quite some time now, but you know with me some things need time to be accepted. So there must be one question that many of you have on your minds now - Are rose gold shoes a good idea?

My answer is - oh yes! Such a pair will work super good with everything simple, classic, even timeless. Like, for example, a black midi dress. Here rose gold shine will play the role of the main twist. It will turn your combination into an eye-catchy outfit. Wet hair look will come as a perfect final touch, for summer. As if you are a nymph who just got out of the sea to show up at this party...

Look of the Day:
Zaful dress (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova