Still not a Romanticist

August 29, 2018

And magnificence of embroidery....

You, pumpkins, should for sure remember the Romantic Vibes with Ami Clubwear story from early August, don't you? The story in which I stated I'm not that sort of a romantic heart. Nothing much has changed since then. Or, maybe, the only thing that actually changed is the fact I added yet one more floral-much dress to my collection. I think summer season is a perfect time for floral patterns. I mean, everything around is covered in vibrant colors and adding some floral vibes can kind of spice up the overall picture, if you see what I'm trying to say...

What's the best part of fashion in your opinion? I would say embroidery. It's sure one of those things I like in fashion the most. I do see it as a real craftsmanship that requires special skills and, of course, patience and a lot of time. Whenever I see embroidery on this or that piece of clothing. it leaves me amused. Be it something simple or some highly thought through pattern. You just think about this whole process - from scratch to the final product - isn't it fascinating? If I didn't lack patience, embroidery would be that sort of technique I would really love to acquire. I could see that other me having a little workshop and spending days doing embroidery.

But I do lack patience and perseverance, and in future I primarily still see ideal self sitting in front of a laptop and writing my long stories. Speaking of embroidery and floral vibes, I do like this FashionMia piece. It's actually a two-piece thing that consists of an undergarment and a transparent dress. A perfect company for platform sandals. And a perfect formula to make one's legs look super long. And also a perfect piece for the end-of-summer period. When it's not that hot anymore and yet not that autumn-ishly cold.


Photo: T. Egorova

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