And loving it.

As they say, never say never. Especially when it comes to fashion. Now how many times have I thought that I'm not going to jump on this or that tendency... probably a dozen, or even more... And then at some point I could just find myself falling for that thing. So did happen with the waist bag trend that already took over street style. I seriously was trying not to follow this wave as I could see every second person on Instagram rocking the one... and I don't really follow trends that much lately as I'm trying to concentrate more on personal style thing. But once again, just like in case with perspex heels, have to say I do like this trend pretty much. And I don't regret following it.

What I actually wanted to talk about today is the body positivity topic. A topic I find being highly crucial these days. So, I already talked previously that due to heavy depression I was on the verge of anorexia in the beginning of this year. I was having serious problems with my digestion system. Thanks to antidepressants I got over this problem, got back satisfaction from food and even gained back some weight. Recently I had to look through my photos from past Autumn and what I discovered was literally a different person. Do I regret not being that skinny anymore? No. Not at all. I like my curves more than I liked my skinniness. I do feel happier and more energized these days. And that's what body positivity is all about. Being happy and comfortable with your own self, and not harm your health.

I think today's outfit combination of mine is also about that body positivity. I mean, it's about being satisfied with your curves and allowing yourself to still wear tight fitting stuff, like a bodysuit and skinny jeans. What I like more about the waist bag is the fact it puts a pretty good accent on one's waist... by emphasizing the size difference between waist and hips. And that's probably is what I like the most about my body now. Actually, I think that modern day culture, and primarily fashion, should celebrate the difference of people, and firstly females, in terms of everything - body, skin color, background and so on - rather than put us into pretty strict frames... Being skinny is not always about being healthy, having eastern features is not bad... It makes you you rather than a copy of someone else.

Look of the Day:
Light in the Box bodysuit (SIMILAR)
Light in the Box jeans (SIMILAR)
Gamiss sandals (SIMILAR)
Zaful shades (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova