At its best.

Here we go with that first breath of autumn season. Unbelievable, but we're already done with the first week of September. Now I wanted to ask you a question, what sort of associations autumn season provokes in your mind? For me this period is closely linked to elegant vibes. You know, trench coats, blazers, much more formal outfits, midi length and so on. These are, actually, components of my personal wardrobe as well. And I guess this restrained sort of formula comes from the fact that autumn in my mind is a sort of a fresh start. I know some consider spring as such a restart season, but with everything is vice verse.

Speaking of elegance and restrained vibes during autumn season... This total white combination perfectly meets the formula. And I can't help but also add the 'grace' definition here. Now you probably remember the Black Swan story from mid-July? A story that was all about grace. And today's story comes as a contrast to that total black one, of course, due to the color in first place. So, I believe this total white outfit deserves to be entitled as 'White Swan'.  

Anticipating some of your thoughts, I will say straightaway that this total white outfit has nothing to do with bride-ish vibes. At all, as for me. I know that in real everyday life that's the sort of associations one has when sees a lady in an elegant, white-much outfit. And such a theory has the right to exist, especially considering the bridal wear range is endless in terms of styles, forms, lengths and so on. But in my personal opinion, this very total white outfit is a good option for an end-of-summer or beginning-of-autumn event, be it a party or something more formal. I see it as a perfect farewell to sunny days and welcome to highly elegant season at the same time. Would you agree?


Photo: T. Egorova