My Light in the Box September Finds

September 12, 2018

Month's favorites.

Hello, hello, hello. It's autumn and it's my usual Light in the Box finds topic. And here are few of my current favorites...

Look 1.
What can be more cozy than a casual two-piece set? Right, literally nothing. Will be honest, I thought the outfit will arrive a bit bigger, more baggy... But am actually happy with the fact it's quite tight-fitting. It looks gorgeous with both, perspex heels and statement bag and sneakers and backpack. 

Look 2
A little red dress is always a good idea. It is, trust me. If you want to make streets your own runway, then for sure opt for a mini dress with off-shoulder thing. And make sure to mix it with high heeled sandals. I went for a perspex option, again. Also, you can tie up a jacket around your waist to add those daring, rebellious vibes.

Look 3.
White blouse with off-shoulder element is a good option for transition period. It's quite formal yet playful. I decided to go for a Spanish-some vibes in terms of this outfit. And, yes, culottes can be a good pant option for transition period too. A power couple, huh? Add hoop earrings and interesting heels and here you go. A modern princess! 


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