True, this autumn for me is all about contrasts. In all terms. Just like life itself. As far as I remember it's actually the first time I'm sort of accepting this contrasting thing. Previously I was always trying to somehow concentrate and outline primarily the good stuff... because... because I think I was lacking acceptance. Acceptance of the fact everything has contrasts. How did I learn it? It's just a sort of post-depression thing that just popped up at some point. It all started with the acceptance of the fact that I have depression and so on. So I don't think I can give an advice on how to learn it. I just found myself having one one morning. That's it.

In terms of my wardrobe and everyday outfits this autumn is also about contrasts. As on one hand, I have this love for both black and white color, as well as super casual and sporty stuff. On the other hand, with the arrival of autumn I feel this need for more formal vibes at times, and also I found myself adding some color to my black and white outfits, like a burgundy or red colored bag, light blue denim jacket or red shaded sunglasses. It's all about sort of stepping out of my comfort zone that I got used to over past few years.

If we speak about today's outfit combination, then it's sure about my comfort zone. See, here we have black and white color mix, casual-much jeans and a button up rib-knit, as well as sporty sneakers, and also a final twists - beloved ALEXA bag. Still there's a little step put of my zone which is - sneakers. I mean sneaker style. Few months ago I wouldn't dare going for such a fashionable style. On the contrary, I would choose a more classic, timeless maybe, stuff. Meanwhile, in terms of color I decided to stay true to myself. Because black and white always works, right?

Look of the Day:
Zaful top (SIMILAR)
H&M jeans (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova