Modern Checks

October 15, 2018

Grey is my new favorite color...
Hello, pumpkinitos! How are you doing? Now the night before writing this story I was lying in my bed and thinking about everything that happened over past two months. These days I tend to talk about what's going on in my life way less than I used to. It's just because I'm trying to keep it all to myself and enjoy it as much as I can. Things have changed lately. I'm not a full-time blogger anymore and have to say I like this fact. Despite the fact that autumn is quite a depressive season, I do feel myself awakened... more than ever before. I do feel so alive now...

Speaking of today's story, it's all about check pattern, primarily. A pattern I've been quite obsessed with lately. Now the thing is for me autumn is about formal vibes, that's why my peak of checks adoration is happening right now. Now the thing is, I was actually looking for formal-like pants in checks, but then I found this gorgeous dress and fell in love with it.

When it comes to the total outfit of the day, then I wanted it to be somehow a semi-formal one. Semi-formal and semi-stylish, if I'm to be precise. What I like here is sure a combination of off-shoulder thing and thigh high boots. It happens to be like an icing to this strawberry fashion cake (I just don't like cherry, you know). What about ALEXA bag and sunglasses? Both add those formal and stylish vibes, yet keep it well-balanced. 

Look of the Day:

Photo: T. Egorova

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