Back with #madeinLatvia.

If you remember, my story with this brand started about 2,5 years ago. Right before I got swallowed by a great depression... don't know why, but I've noticed that lately people started using a 'great depression' phrase rather than a deep or severe ones. So let me also use it as it perfectly outlines my condition of that period. Now, 2 years later I feel way better, due to some professional help and special medicine, and I finally feel ready to continue my story with QooQoo.

So, as you see there is a big difference between today's story and the last one, Blushed Nude, from summer 2016. So much has changed over this time. And I'm not just talking about myself and inner changes. But it's actually wort it to point out the difference in preferences. Because, if back in the days I could choose a more feminine stuff, today it's all about more daring one, like this sweatshirt dress in power red and with funny embroidery...

Ami Clubwear boots

Photo: T. Egorova