A mix of contrasts.
Festive season mood anyone? Yes, I already am in that festive, Christmas much, mood. I know, I know. It must be too early for that yet, but anticipation of that magical period is a good way to brighten up a gloomy November. And what really help me in battling the most depressing month is this Mini Georgia beauty from Paul's Boutique Cruise '19 Collection. Have to say, that the collection is outstanding due to the use of colors and mix of textures and prints.

And Mini Georgia is a good example of Paul's Boutique seasonal strategy, or better say concept. If you remember, previously I tried to find connections between one of Paul's Boutique pieces and this or that area of London town. Speaking of this mini beauty, I would say it's a reflection of London itself. Why? Because London is full of differences - different nationalities, cultures, styles, areas, architectural directions... At first it seems that London is full of contrasts that are unmixable... but when you take a closer look, you realize how good it all complements each other. Like a puzzle pieces.

When it comes to the outfit of the day, here everything is pretty simple. First of all, I wanted this combination to reflect the color scheme of the bag. So it looks quite appropriate for the end of autumn period. I mean not too festive yet. Also, by means of the outfit elements I wanted to play around different styles. Like, classic coat and blazer, modern jeans and highly trendy boots. All together it creates a pretty contrast-full combination, where each element complements another one. 

Look of the Day:
Sammydress coat (SIMILAR)
Wollsiegel jacket (SIMILAR)
H&M jeans (SIMILAR)
Gamiss boots (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova