You probably didn't know.

How about getting to know me a little bit better? So I decided to share some facts I haven't talked about before or yet on the blog. Let's go?

Fact 1 - Russian with a drop of Eastern blood living in Riga
Yes, that's the sort of a formula I use when I talk about myself. I was born in a little Eastern European city in 1992 in a Russian family, but what sets me apart from the biggest part of my family is the Eastern appearance I inherited from my grandfather. Yes, my life is all about contrasts.

Fact 2 - English is my second language
True, I started learning English earlier than Latvian, when I was around 5. English language has always been a part of my life. So it is today as I'm currently involved in teaching. And I totally like this new experience.

Fact 3 - Adore English bulldogs
So when I was about 6-7 years I once bumped into two bulldogs and since than has been dreaming of getting myself one. Will sure do it some day.

Fact 4 - A cat named Luna
But few months ago I adopted a little cat and named it Luna (after a cat from Sailor Moon cartoon that I was crazy about in childhood). I love my baby girls so much and this feeling is actually mutual. Can't stop spoiling her.

Fact 5 - A fan of Backstreet Boys
Yes, am a real BSB fan at heart, still. Was going crazy about them back in the days, even used to collect albums, posters, stickers and so on. These days Backstreet Boys music still get me going. These guys are living legends!

Fact 6 - Used to wear braces
Yes, yes, yes. I'd been through this period of wearing braces. Actually it was fun time and I wasn't really shy showing them off. Moreover, am grateful parents made me go through it.

Fact 7 - Used to be blond
When I was a teenager I used to dye my hair blond. Yet another fun experience. At times I have this feeling of going white blond again. But I think at the end I'll just get myself a wig.

Fact 8 - Dreamt of becoming the second Anna Wintour
This was really my goal, or better say a plan, to become a Vogue editor. I still do respect Vogue and Anna, but fashion blogging is what I like doing today. I mean, I can't say for sure I don't want to be the second Anna Wintour anymore... never say never, as they say.

Fact 9 - Crazy about bags and shoes
I literally am. My collection is so big that it doesn't fit my wardrobe. And I keep wanting more and more. There are so many cool bags and shoes to own, huh?

Fact 10 - Reading and psychology
If we to talk about reading, then I adore everything about psychology. Over this past year I have read a number of really interesting books about mental disorders, anxious mind, brain that changes itself and much more. Have to point out that we know so little about our own mind.