Of course, #madeinEngland.
This year has been fruitful on discoveries and new experiences. And December is not an exception. So one of my latest, and pretty interesting, discoveries is a British designer brand called Arzu Kara. The brand from a beautiful city of Henley-on-Thames. Okay, I've never been to this town but the pictures show it this way - small buildings, English architecture and cute streets. Now should I put it on my travel list now?

So, Arzu Kara. If you look into the brand's product range, you'll notice a lot of simple yet super elegant pieces. Pieces that will fit every single occasion of a modern females life. What I like about this brand is that Arzu Kara empowers women. And as we all know, empowered women empower women. It's total true. 

Now let's talk about this jersey dress with some lace-y details. I, personally, adore how simple and at the same time elegant the dress is. And, of course, the deep green shade just adds to this fashion game. I would say that the dress is perfect for a theater, an elegant event or a Friday dinner out. In other words, for some simple yet public-much occasion. Because this dress is made to be shown off.

Look of the Day:
Gamiss heels (SIMILAR)

Photo: T. Egorova