A match made in heaven.
As you may have noticed so far I am a huge fan of practicality. This is even outlined in the name of the blog. I adore everything that can be worn on daily basis. And, also, everything that can be played around again and again. But my way to practicality wasn't an easy one, it took me quite some time, I mean years, to master the skill. And, of course, to form my now practical wardrobe. By means of which I can mix and match different stuff and gain quite a number of different combinations.

What I love about QooQoo is that exact practicality that Alyona has put at the heart of her brand. I would say that QooQoo is all about simplicity with a twist. Here we have simple sweatshirts and t-shirts but with interesting and funny prints, and embroideries. Here we also have such essential pieces of our everyday life, like hats and leggings... also upgraded with prints and embroidery. In other words, it's something that can spice up your daily routine. And also help you show some attitude.

What I wanted to achieve by means of this outfit, is to picture that ordinary day of my life. It's that kind of a situation when you can find me wearing skinny jeans and oversized bomber jacket. By the way, I found this jacket in a local vintage store and fell in love with both an oversize effect and power red shade. And it cost me almost nothing! What else is required for a simple outfit formula? Well, some good details, like a bag and boots. And a little twist - in this case it's all about QooQoo sweatshirt. Oh, and a cup of coffee. I believe I do consist of coffee for like 75% these days...

vintage jacket
H&M jeans
Zaful boots

Photo: T. Egorova