How do you feel about knitted dresses when it's a deep winter outside the window? Do you leave it, I mean your favourite or a pretty new cute dress, for better days or you are still brave enough to battle the cold? Well, I believe that winter is not an excuse to avoid wearing knitted dresses. Pay attention, I'm not talking here about chiffon or other light ones. Today I'm concentrating exclusively on knits. 

Therefore, to be able to talk about this topic I created two different yet at some point similar outfits. To sort of picture my examples. Have to mention that both dresses were found at Femme Luxe, also the brand has many other interesting options (read 'not only knitted dresses'). So I highly recommend you to go and check their range... of course straight after you finish reading this story.  

Look number one is all about a colourful piece. I mean dress of course. Have to be honest at this point, only after trying this dress on I realized that mustard shade suits me (should probably point out this color for myself for future). So, the coolest, and best, way to style such a dress is to pair it, first of all, with interesting tights. I went for a very popular polka dot pattern. Also don't forget to warm up, a good vintage fur can be an option... especially if it's super oversized. The outcome - luxurious and fashionable outfit at the same time. 

Look number two is about more casual option of a knitted dress. White and in midi length (also, maybe it's important to mention that it's of ribbed texture). So here a colourful fur can go well. Of course faux fur one. Pay attention, that the fur isn't way too short, comparing to the dress, as a pretty serious difference in length won't look good enough. What about a bag? I went for a piece that matches all the outfit elements in terms of colours - burgundy, white and black. Also, thanks to the color match and the print the bag does bring the outfit to a new level. The outcome - stylish and warm outfit at the same time. 

Look 1:
vintage fur
Gamiss boots

Look 2:
vintage faux fur coat
Zaful boots

Photo: T. Egorova