Have been blogging quite a lot recently. And have to say, I actually missed writing that much. Over the past year I seemed to minimize the number of my posts, both per week and per month, but am thinking of going back to more stories. At least, that is one of my aims in terms of blogging this year. And am super happy to start this year with quite a fruitful month. It's quite a good sign as for me. 

So today. Today the story is all about animal print. The leopard one, to be more precise. In general, I can say that my wardrobe can't deal without animal print. If you remember, last year it was all about snake print in terms of my outfits. And, I believe, that this year I'll still follow this direction. But, at a certain point I realized I started missing the leopard print. Haven't been using it quite much lately, but this blouse, I suppose, is going to change this situation. 

I like the fact that this Shein blouse is about moderate vibes on one hand - in terms of its style, but on the other hand it's quite a statement piece that speaks for itself and the owner - in terms of print of course. So what I wanted to do is to create an elegant and chic-much outfit, using quite simple stuff. And what you think of this combo?

Look of the Day:
H&M pants
Ami Clubwear sandals

Photo: T. Egorova