Who said January is not a party month? Who said winter is not a party season? Right, nobody ever said that. So why not put that stunning party dress that you've been putting aside for quite a long time now and not go and continue celebrating this beautiful year? Yes, I do believe this year is going to be beautiful... for all of us. Just to say, for me it started with some interesting, good and at times new stuff. 

But, well, let's go back to party dresses. I mean perfect party dresses. Where would I recommend you to search for one? At Femme Luxe, for sure. The brand has quite a lot of stunning women's dresses (oops, I think I already mentioned it before). The brand has lots of feminine, sexy, hot, elegant, body hugging options that will go for an evening out. 

Dress number one is all about elegance and femininity. First of all, it's in midi-length. Secondly, it has a nice curves hugging shape. Plus it has only one sleeve and this asymmetry only adds a twist. I paired it with platform sandals and a couple of fine jewellery - customized bangles. 

Dress number two is a completely different story. It's hot, it's provocative. First of all, it's in super mini-length. Secondly, it has a snake print - a pretty trending one at the moment. And, finally, it's of PU material. Let's be honest, this dress speaks for itself. I paired it with trending transparent heels so as not to out shadow the dress. 

Look 1:
Ami Clubwear sandals

Look 2:
Hidden heels

Photo: T. Egorova