Welcome to 2019!

Greetings from a very fresh, new year! A chapter number 2019 is up now, what else should I say? So how was your Holiday season, pumpkinitos? I hope you all had some great time. I, for example, went to Amsterdam for Christmas and have to say it was a totally fun and interesting experience. Especially due to the weather that seemed more like Latvian Autumn or even early Spring. Though, I was extremely happy to come back home and see a lot of snow. For me a festive season is always about proper snowy atmosphere.

Speaking of my Holiday season preferences, in terms of style in first place, this time I went for pant suit kind of combinations. My New Year's Eve look was pretty similar to this very COS combination. By the way, speaking of this COS co-ord I have to point out that I made it myself. I mean the blouse, that seem to be more of a shirt-dress, and pants were not an original mix. I decided to pair the two to achieve a minimalistic and Eastern-much combination at the same time. A shiny choker just added a festive touch to this outfit, do you agree?


Photo: T. Egorova