Spring Trends by Femme Luxe

Spring Trends by Femme Luxe

To be fully honest with you, my pumpkinitos, I already can't wait for Spring. Both, for spring that is less cold than winter when you can start wearing more of coats and heeled boots and for spring when it's warm enough to start wearing some seasonal trends, like cycling shorts, outdoors. 

But as I live in Latvia, a country where winter is like half a year long, I only can dream of warmer days for now. But who said that I can't set myself into a Spring-y mood right now? So I decided to surf through Femme Luxe... you, pumpkinitos, remember my previous story with their stunning dresses, right... and found some pieces that perfectly picture the coolest trends of the upcoming Spring/Summer season. 

This almost total black outfit stands for asymmetric shoulder game top and cycling style shorts. Have to admit that I've been having a serious crush on Aimee Song's cycling shorts outfit with cowboy boots and oversized blazer from past fashion week, so I started my hunt for a similar pair. But it took me quite some time to find the best fitting ones. Was it worth waiting that long? Absolutely! Speaking of the top, I believe it will go with absolutely all my pants and skirts during the summer. Yes, I think such a top is more of a summer-perfect piece. Just imagine a dull June-is day or a party by the pool...

The total orange outfit that stands for power orange bodysuit and neon leggings. Yes, I initially intended to pull such a juicy combination. This Spring/Summer season I'm actually going back to some lively, vivid color as orange and yellow, so I've already started putting this part of my seasonal wardrobe together. What about neon? Here I decided to begin with a more, so to say, safe option... I mean the shade that I'm more sure of. Yes, am feeling more confident about orange neon rather than yellow or green ones. But am already thinking of trying out some green vibes - might be fun...

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