Love this gold sequins

Russian fashion is currently on  the rise. With many fashion designers and brands conquering the international attention, fashionistas and influencers stealing the spotlight it is hard not to pay attention to Russia and its fashion. 

But how about Russia's textile industry? We still don't seem to talk much about it. Let's today take a look at one of the main representatives of this niche - Tissura. Tissura is a global network of fabric stores and showrooms in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In fact, this brand has been inside this business for about 20 years. 

What do they offer? Exclusive high fashion and couture fabrics, as well as trimmings and accessories of premium quality. In Tissura range you can find fabrics used by such well-known brands as Chanel, Dolce&Gabbana, Christian Dior, Gucci and other big names. So if you are aiming to step in one line with such fashion brands, then pay attention to Tissura and their offering. You sure won't regret such an investment. 

Speaking more of Tissura fabrics, I would like to outline the category I liked the most. It's the sequin fabrics. Lately I've been really obsessed with sequined garments, so I ordered myself few items from one pretty cool fashion store (it's the topic for another story thought).

At this point I regret not being a fashion designer so I could use some of Tissura's sequin embroidery fabrics. My favourite ones include sequined chiffon in light blue shade, sequin and bead embroidered tulle both in green and gold shades, as well as embroidered sequined rabbit skin fabric in gold. You can browse through their whole sequin-much range on this page

What adds to Tissura's niche competence is the fact the team keeps attending Premiere Vision. Those who are professionals in the fashion industry know it's the leading international exhibition worth visiting...

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