For some reason this outfit gives me those late 80's and 90's feels. And the reason is hidden in a mini skirt, animal print and knee high boots. And maybe it's also the bomber jacket that adds to these 80's - 90's vibes. Probably in less extent, but still... 1990's era is trending now and it's not a surprise for me that I created such sort of outfit. I was born in this decade and am pretty positive about its fashion, it's so different and still brings some cool vibes in. 

Speaking of the mini skirt and animal print, these two were at the top of 90's fashion. And both still keep coming back into fashion from time to time. I decided that the two will look quite good together as a skirt in animal print. And I've found such a piece at Shein. Also adore the zip thing on the front of the skirt. 

Look of the Day:
Zaful jacket
New Yorker turtleneck
Reserved boots

Photo: T. Egorova