And again some snakeskin vibes... Well, if you haven't heard yet - snakeskin is one of the main trends this year in terms of prints. Well, I started applying this print to my wardrobe past summer, so I can proudly say out loud that I've been into this trend yet when it was on its rise. And, if you haven't paid attention to this print yet, then it's high time to do so. From my side, I can, and I feel like I should, point out that snakeskin goes far beyond footwear and bags, as it has already moved into clothes as well.

Speaking of the whole outfit, here I wanted to play around two of my new Femme Luxe pieces - corset top and jacket. What's the best way to style such a leather top? I believe it can go equally well with both jeans and leather pants. But as I adore total leather looks I decided to go for it. Looks pretty powerful, don't you think? And I like that the jacket in snakeskin print only adds to this leather combo. It, for sure, is going to be one of my favourite to-go combos during later spring. 

Reserved pants
Gamiss heels

Photo: T. Egorova