Rarely but quite neatly tend I talk about lingerie here, on Practical Queen AP. And this time this lingerie talk is going to coincide with a special occasion we are about to have in just few days - March 8th. Or simply, an International Women's Day, the day when we all celebrate females and femininity, beauty and tenderness. 

And accidentally, right before the 8th of March, I made a pretty interesting brand discovery - IDentity Lingerie. What comes better with a woman than a piece of gorgeous lingerie, right? So you might ask, what's so special about this brand? Well, first of all, it's a family run company based in London (and we all know that British brands have a special place in my heart). Secondly, they target all female sizes from XS to XXL. And, of course, they celebrate natural beauty, regardless the sizes. Because at IDentity Lingerie they know that all sizes look beautiful. Now what can be better for a woman than a lingerie brand that empowers women and stands for body positivity?

Okay, brand talks aside. Let's talk about their lingerie. Did I already find some favourites? Will be absolutely honest with you here - no, I don't have particular favourites just yet. I find it hard at the moment to outline just one or two pieces. But, I guess, my two favourites might be this set in purple and this set in teal blue. I find these colours super attractive (don't know why actually). And which pieces are your favourites?