How about a good jumpsuit for Spring/Summer season? Good idea, right? This piece is so easy to wear and so easy to style, that I'm thinking now of getting myself more besides the two ones from today's story. Why I think it's so easy to style? Well, because I believe one doesn't need much when she creates a combination with a jumpsuit. Let me now prove it by means of these two Femme Luxe outfits. 

Okay, I admit that the white jumpsuit is more of a summer piece... due to the color and asymmetric shoulder game. Just imagine walking along the sea on one of those chilly summer evenings... Meanwhile, I decided to mix it with snakeskin boots as I liked the contrast created by these two. 

Jumpsuit in rust. Even though I combined it with perspex heels for a more luxurious look, I think this jumpsuit will also go good with simple sneakers and a denim jacket. 

Warm spring-y, or better say May-is, days are not that far away now... so are all the new chances to rock these two pieces...

Look 1:
Zaful boots

Look 2:
Hidden heels

Photo: T. Egorova