It's that kind of period when I'm involved in blogging a lot. When I keep shooting, editing photos, composing posts, writing stories over and over again. It's that kind of period that I started missing lately. I mean, I really adore my blog and I enjoy preparing new content for it. So I was considering to go back to posting more of my daily outfits on the blog, not just Instagram. So how what you think of this idea - yay or nay?

When it comes to fashion tendencies of the season, there is one more I would like talk about. A leather trench coat. I clearly remember this trend coming into fashion about four years ago. It was then when I got myself this vintage leather piece. Now, years later it is having yet another moment to shine. I adore its deep green shade and vintage look. So good. 

Speaking of the outfit, here I wanted to have an already pretty Spring-y outfit. A more light in terms of elements, like a trench and open-shoulders top, yet not that vivid in terms of colours. And, of course, I wanted to show off one of my latest Shein finds - this white top with quite a deep neckline. I like the overall old school vibes brought up by this outfit. 

Look of the Day:
vintage trench
vintage jeans
River Island boots

Photo: T. Egorova