The fact is, I'm not a tough fan of polka dot pattern. It's just because it's super hard for me to find the polka dot style that fits me well. It's about the size and the colour in first place. Well, also it's about the style of the piece that's covered with polka dot. In terms of tops, I mean both tops, jumpers and blouses, I tried a variety in different stores but nothing seemed to be perfect for me. 

So I decided to order this piece from Shein. As I already had a similar top with square-style neckline, I was sure that in terms of the style it will fit me. The question was about the pattern. But, as you see, all turned to be quite cute and fitting. In terms of the outfit, here I wanted to create something edgy and with a dash of vintage feels, or better say retro... 

Look of the Day:
London Fog trench
vintage jeans
River Island boots

Photo: T. Egorova