How are you, my little pumpkinitos? My days have been pretty busy lately. So much stuff to do and so little time. You probably noticed that I tend to talk, I mean write of course, less these days. But it's not really due to time. It's more due to an amazing book that keeps teaching me the art of writing well. And two main tips in this book are - to get rid of all the unnecessary words and value the time of your readers. The book itself still requires a separate big story though. 

Let's talk about the outfit. As it really sets this Summer-much mood, isn't it? Yes and yes. I'm really getting into cycling shorts thing. And am into animal prints mood lately. What else can you expect from me? If I fall for something, I fall for it really hard. And this Shein set is not an exception. It will for sure be one of my Summer favourites. 

P. S. Feel free to use my code Q2queenap to get extra 15% off (valid till June 30).

Look of the Day:
Light in the Box shirt