So, welcome in to May, my dear pumpkinitos! My most favourite month of them all. And I can't be more happy to start it with such a cute outfit. Outfit that features my two big investments from Dior - bag and sunglasses. Now I know that all the fashion girls are currently crazy over Dior's saddle bag, I in turn decided to go for a classical and spacious-enough style. 

Speaking of sunglasses, I've just been into this pinkish mirror style for quite some time now. Even though I haven't had much of pink color in my wardrobe lately. A good reason to start getting back to the color? I guess so. Now, to conclude this little first of May kind of story I wanted to share with you  some Dior pieces that are quite similar to mine ones. So enjoy!

Look of the Day:
Ami Clubwear dress
Miu Miu blazer
Zara heels
Dior bag
Dior sunglasses

Photo: T. Egorova