I almost totally forgot how good can photos taken on the phone look... Yes, during the shoot of this outfit it happened so that we had to improvise as the battery of the camera died. And voila! We still got some good photos for this little post. A post the concept of which changed several times - from how I style a bomber to one outfit - two ideas and back to how I style a bomber. 

So, to point out, I wanted this outfit to be simple, perfect for everyday yet not too sport-ish. That's why instead of sneakers of other kind of flat shoes I opted for perspex sandals. It gives an outfit a more feminine touch, yet it feels as if it's not there at all. And, to conclude, I again came up with a little selection for you... this time it's all about my favourite bomber jackets. Enjoy!  

Look of the Day:
Bershka bomber
Zaful top
Reserved jeans
Dior sunglasses

Photo: T. Egorova