A black jumpsuit. Probably, not the most simple one. But still many of us might come up with a question - how to style it better for a day time? Why I chose to speak about a day time instead of, for example, how to style such a jumpsuit for a night out? Because in this second case everything is pretty simple - you just add high heeled shoes and a popping lipstick, let's say red, and you're all set!

Though, when it comes to day time styling of such a piece many of us can find themselves lost. So here's my guide. First, keep it simple in terms of make-up - the most natural shaded one will be the best idea. Secondly, play with details, especially accessories - earrings and rings. Another interesting idea for the day time will be a hat, and it doesn't necessarily need to be of black color. Finally, shoes. I opted for flat ones to be able to walk long distances. And that's it! Simple and stylish at the same time. 

Look of the Day:
Zara shoes
H&M earrings

Photo: T. Egorova