You might be wondering now what sort of tweed madness did I mean in the title of this story? Of course there is no serious overdose of this fabric in terms of this outfit. But, we can spot a double tweed game in the dress and the flats. Have to note that the tweed is not identical in these two pieces, so it doesn't look boring or so. 

Other two important details within this outfit are a vinyl trench and black tights. The first one is here to refresh the tweed combination and to add some cool vibes to such a classy pair. Plus, considering the fact the tweed dress is quite loose, the belt of the trench is used here to add emphasis to waist area. Speaking of tights, I used them to sort of complete the whole black-much look and elongate legs zone. Turned to be quite cool, and what you think?

Look of the Day:
vintage trench
Zara flats
Dior bag
Dior sunglasses

Photo: T. Egorova