I don't talk about different kind of styles out here often enough and maybe it's high time to change this thing? And today it's all about baby doll style. What is this style about? It's about being like a doll, looking quite girly and infantile and, well, fairytale-ish much. Most often baby doll style dresses are about over-the-knee length and higher-than-usual waist.

But, this very dress is not about a high waist. On the contrary, it has a dropped one. So does it stop the dress from being baby doll-ish? Not at all. It's still the overall vibes that make it look doll-ish. Plus, it's the combination with these vintage heels that make the whole look more girly and sweet. And, of course, it's the combination of colours. 

Look of the Day:
vintage heels
Dior sunglasses

Photo: T. Egorova