Jeans for Summer - yay o nay? That's the good question. I like denim, especially during Summer season, and primarily my story with this fabric is all about white jeans and denim jackets. What I would recommend in terms of jeans for Summer is to opt for some interesting styles, like mom jeans, and for sure avoid skinny styles. 

Mom jeans are all about comfort yet femininity. Plus what can be better than pure 90-ies vibes, right? Getting such style jeans with ripped effect can also be a good and practical idea - an additional air circulation never killed nobody, huh. What I like about this outfit is comfort in first place that is translated by means of jeans and mid-heel sandals. And, of course, the overall edginess of the look. Pure babe of the 1990-s.

Look of the Day:
Femme Luxe top
Mohito sandals 
Stradivarius headband
Pandora bracelet
Nomination bracelet
Stuudio Nahk bag

Photo: T. Egorova