How could a fashionable nerd look like? Just like this. In my opinion, this outfit doesn't look boring with such retro style glasses. I remember my father wearing such style back in the 90-s and I found them really cool, so when I saw this piece I took it immediately. I just knew such glasses can add that nerd-ish feeling to many of my looks...

Speaking of the outfit, let's pay some attention to the main part of it - trousers with splits. I think this twist brings the trousers to new heights. Plus such splits put even more emphasis on shoe area, in this case classy white heels. And again, it's the pants that add modernity and edgy-ness to this retro-much look.

Look of the Day:
Gamiss jacket
Mango t-shirt
Gamiss heels
Mango bag
H&M glasses

Photo: T. Egorova