How about formal kind of stripes on a hot summer day? Speaking of today's blouse that I found at Shein, I really find such sort of stripes to be more formal. It's that style of stripes that we usually see someone wearing at the office. Quite simple and reserved in itself. But what if we mix such stripes with a blouse, or say top, with an interesting design? We, of course, get such a piece. 

To point out, I decided to wear this blouse a bit differently that it was shown, or recommended, in the store's images. Instead of wearing the asymmetrical thing on the top of my shoulder, I pulled it a bit down to create an off-shoulder look. What can be a prefect match for such a blouse? I believe, the shorts. But pay attention it shouldn't be too short - the longer even the better. And voila, a perfect city outfit is ready!

Look of the Day:
vintage shorts
Mohito bag
Reserved earrings

Photo: T. Egorova