One of my favourite colours during the transition period and in the upcoming Autumn? It's deep blue, for sure. Now I liked this shade of blue before, but this time my passion for it has gone a bit further. As it is seen in this outfit. Can we say that I'm sort of obsessed with almost total deep blue outfits? Yes, looks like. But I'm into total one-colour outfits in general, just wait for Autumn for it...

Now, speaking of today's outfit, I surely need to throw into few words about the bottom part of the outfit - the culottes. Or, simply, trousers that due to interesting design look like a midi skirt from the first sight. I really loved this trick, when I saw it in one of my favourite local vintage shops. Can't wait for colder days in September to style these culottes in even more interesting ways!

Look of the Day:
Reserved top
vintage culottes
Reserved sandals
Mohito bag

Photo: T. Egorova